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Coordinator, LLC

Points of Interest for Clientele

  • Public Relations Major.

  • Responsible for the smooth running of the client’s event from initial planning to execution.

  • Work with clients to coordinate planning team members to meet their objectives.

    • Consult and delegate individual responsibilities to team members.

    • Consult and develop platforms for event registration and marketing.

    • Liaise with continuing education credentialing specialist.

  • Liaise with clients to communicate and coordinate with venue, suppliers, speakers and delegates.

  • Liaise for continuing education with clients, presenters attendees and extensive list of disciplines.

  • Liaise with presenters and suppliers to ensure the facilities are in place for their presentation. 

  • On-site:

    • Supervise catering and hospitality teams.

    • Liaise with presenters and suppliers.

    • Liaise with delegates for customary and required needs.

  • After the event, review feedback to identify any problems and ensure that all parties are satisfied with the event.

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